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2020 Christmas Trends - Let's Try to End This Crappy Year With Something Pretty.

Thank you, Instagram Poll! We have our first blog topic to help unveil the new Paige Henderson Designs' website. It's now December, it's cold outside, we are all starving for social interaction, probably a good 10 pounds heavier, and stuck in our homes for the duration of the holiday season. So really, there's no better way to christen the site than with a cherry holiday blog post about the style evolution of Christmas décor, am I right?

Well if you were one of the many who voted on "Why I Need to Hire a Designer?" you're in luck. That's coming later this month. In the meantime, throw on your cozy Christmas jammies, kick back, relax, and grab a glass of hot mulled wine. I'm about to walk you through my 5 Top Christmas Decor Trends and how to pull them off.



I'm starting out with the most popular décor trends in the Midwest. This specific style has actually evolved quite a bit in the last two years. While the look is still very sought after, there are certain farmhouse styles that you need to say buh-bye to. But first, let's lay out the basics.

Let's start with wreath and garland types. For a farmhouse look, you want to use either fresh or faux versions of these types of garlands: cedar, juniper, fresh fraser fir, eucalyptus, or my all time favorite, magnolia.

A favorite farmhouse accessory that is very versatile is the large beaded garland. These can be draped on trees, wreaths, doorways, or mantles. Then enhance their look with pairing them with a smaller beaded garland in a color or metallic shade. This will help dress up your décor so it doesn't look too rustic.

Now let's talk ornaments. Contrary to belief, you don't have to buy farmhouse themed ornaments to pull off a this look. You want to keep your ornaments from looking "too country." Stay away from the cowboy boots and Christmas trucks. Continue to use solid, metallic or opaque ornaments to scatter around as fillers. Add in some mixed metals to add some much needed Christmas sparkle. Lastly, you will want to top it off with some ribbon.

When you think farmhouse, your mind might go straight to buffalo plaid. That's because it's iconic with the trend. If you're worried I'm going to tell you to ditch it, fear not. This pattern trend is not going anywhere any time soon. It's quite the contrary, actually. We are starting to see the color pallet expand which decorators are loving. Now they can expand to other color pallets without being pigeon hold to the classic red and black.

Now I know this may be an unpopular truth, but burlap accents and aged tin metals are being phased out. Unfortunately, these trends have peaked and designers aren't showcasing them any longer. If you want to stay up on trend, you might want to consider swapping these out for one of the décor ideas mentioned above.

Now go forth and enhance those shiplap walls with your beautiful farmhouse Christmas decorations this year!



All White Christmas

Mono means single and Chromo means color. So Monochromatic décor is done by choosing one color and using tones, shades, and tints, of that same color. This can be a real fun trend to play with in Christmas decorating.

As you see in the photo above, this particular person chose to use all white. This is the most popular choice when doing a monochromatic Christmas. Using all white gives the room a brightness that seems very clean and yet comfortable.

If you're like me and want to do something you don't see everyday, but want to make sure it's a head turner, try using this trend in another color. Here you can see an example of a designer using red as their monochromatic choice. This tree is red everything. Red poinsettias, red ornaments, red beads, red ribbon, red presents, red red red. Is this not only beautiful, it relatively easy to pull off. Just choose your color and stick with it. If you're gutsy enough to take on this trend and want to take it one step further, buy your artificial tree in the color you choose to decorate it.

If you think you want to try to pull off this Christmas trend this season, you have my full blessing.



This is an excellent trend that showed up about two years ago and finally got it's momentum in 2020. I see this trend pop up not only in Chris décor, but in interior design. Some people are scared to mix metals because they think it's a big no-no. Let me be the first to tell those people that it isn't at all. It's actually a beautiful wall to decorate any room of your home.

No matter the style of your Christmas tree, go into your design knowing that you don't have to stick with just gold accents. You can do gold and silver. Or Rose gold and Pewter. Maybe get even crazier and do bronze, gold and chrome. This method of decorating can be very beautiful. It add so much shine and sparkle and what season other than Christmas is perfect for that? None, that's the correct answer. Now go crazy with your metals!



Unless you've been living under a rock or out in a farmhouse in the middle of B.F.E., you should be aware of the midcentury modern comeback in interior design and décor. Now I could go on and on for paragraph after paragraph about how much I am in love with this vintage style, but this is a Christmas décor blog so I'm going to stick to Christmas talk only. Just come over to my house sometime and we can chat over a couple bottles of wine.

Now let's start with you MCM fans who want bring this style into their Christmas decorating. Here are some ideas that will help.

Keep the décor sleek and simple. Midcentury is all about clean lines and bold colors. The color scheme doesn't necessarily have to follow the vintage color pallet, though I love me some barf green and horseradish yellow (I'm completely serious). Feel free to use your own colors so it ties into your current home décor.

If you're wanting to find a great source to buy your new items, CB2 is killing it this year with their MCM holiday décor. Take a look at the trees they have available which differ very much from the traditional green fake evergreens.

Tinsel is another fabulous trend that came about during the midcentury movement. For those of you who aren't gutsy enough to buy a take colored tinsel tree, think about getting tinsel bag in the color of your choice and dress tree from head toe.

Lastly, it's all about the midcentury style star. Unlike your traditional Christmas stars, a MCM star is sharp and sleek. Take a look at this very reasonably priced one below that I for my tree at Festival of Trees.

Believe it or not, this is on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond right now for $7.99!



When you're not sure you're ready to mix up your entire Christmas décor trend, it's totally okay to stick with the classics. Christmas is all about traditions, and with traditions, comes memories. So many people take comfort in the Christmas styles that they grew up with. This is where it's a great idea to stick with traditional Christmas décor. Here are a few new styles that fit perfectly with traditional styles.

Pom Pom Garland is everywhere right now. Just like beaded garland, it can be used in so many different areas of the home. Here's a great option from Amazon Prime.

I recently had a client whose kitchen we just finished up. We added a large buffet/pantry wall with 66" floating shelves. For Christmas this year, she decorated her shelves with pom pom garland very similar to the ones shown here. Not only was it adorable, but it highlighted her new feature wall in the kitchen.

Another way to update your traditional styling this year is to switch out your classic Christmas tree skirt for a tree collar. What I love so much about this option is that is cleans up the bottom of your tree. As you all know, with the traditional skirt option, it starts to bunch up and you're constantly having to smooth it out each time you add a present under this tree.

With a collar, you won't have that problem. They also comes in so many adorable colors, textures, and materials. I'm crushing hard on this one from CB2's holiday collection this year.

Visit to purchase this option of collar.

Last but not least, there's nothing more traditional than a great Christmas garland. One way to go about this style of garland is to add traditional colored ornaments and ribbon. Feel free to throw in some glittered branches for extra show. If you lean more towards a simpler traditional garland, there's nothing more classic than a plain real fraser fir garland.

Merry Christmas and happy decorating!

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